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Five most annoying children (characters, not real people).

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Date: 2012-06-29 02:37 pm (UTC)
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In no particular order:

Dawn Summers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Born to whine. I know she has her defenders, but this is one character that I really cannot stand.

Doctor Zee, Galactica 1980. I shouldn't care. TPTB had already long ruined Battlestar Galactica by this point, with endless interference from behind the scenes, so the attempt to remake it without the stars should be reason enough to abandon ship forever. It's just the utter insanity of trying to replace Apollo and Starbuck with a twelve year old 'genius' who badly needs shooting. If ever there was a good reason to let humanity be wiped out by the Cylons, it's Doctor Zee. And then they tried to suggest that he was related to Starbuck?! Please. Starbuck's kid would have been running around out in the fleet having fun. Not being an irritating little sod, begging for extermination.

Will Robinson, Lost In Space. I struggled over this one a bit. Billy Mumy is an engaging actor, and does a good job - and he seems a nice guy in real life too. Went on to be terrific later in Babylon 5. It's just that the decision to turn a promising, exciting sci-fi show into The Will Robinson Comedy Hour infuriates me intensely. And he was Wesley Crusher Mk I into the bargain.

Billy 'Blue' Cannon, The High Chaparral. Again, born to whine. And sob. And get shot at, sadly never fatally. Over on Bonanza, Little Joe was fighting bad guys at seventeen. Blue, at twenty, was too busy being babied by everybody to ever manage anything so interesting.

Jamie Hunter-Cartwright, Bonanza. The day I forgave Blue Cannon (almost) everything was the day I first encountered Jamie. He even makes Scrappy Doo look like a good idea...

Special mention goes to most of the later additions to the cast of The Tribe. It was never exactly high art, I'll grant you, but at least the original characters all had personalities - and somebody had bothered to spend more than five minutes on their inception.


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